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Instant Rates. A Faster Funding Process.

ICS is a Commercial Mortgage Lending Company based in Seattle, WA. ICS provides commercial, multifamily, and investment property financing nationwide. Unlike other Commercial Mortgage Lending Companies, ICS provides prospective borrowers and brokers with instant rate quotes and term sheets. 

Our Process

ICS sets our own interest rates based off the 6 Month Libor and Federal Prime Rate. Loans are originating through ICS by borrowers and commercial mortgage brokers, which are processed, underwritten, priced, pre-approved, then sold, assigned, or brokered to thousands of primary and secondary market institutional and private investors nationwide. Investors and lenders compete for Pre-Approved loans through ICS, driving rates and fees down for our borrowers.


ICS has grown from a handful of commercial mortgage professionals in early 2015 to over 200 today. We are the fastest growing commercial mortgage firm in the country and will be applying for INC 500 status in 2018.

Why we are growing so quickly

ICS has thousands of lenders and investors we assign loans to, enabling us to offer a full spectrum of conforming, non-conforming, and hard money loan programs most banks simply don't offer. Loan Officers and Mortgage Brokers have unlimited access to every tool and resource needed to originate clients and provide their clients with the highest level of service, at the most competitive rates available.

Why do Borrowers & Brokers choose ICS?

That's simple. ICS provides Borrowers and Brokers with instant rate quotes and pre-approvals online without any hassles. We brings more offers to the table by listing our pre-approved loans online for approved investors to confidentially review.

How may loans does ICS originate on average per month?

ICS originates over 100 loans on average each month, and that number grows monthly.