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ICS is the fastest growing Commercial Mortgage Firm in the country with over 150 Brokers. ICS operates as a Commercial Mortgage Brokerage on a national level, originating and placing commercial, multifamily, and investment property loans through 3,000+ lenders.

Commercial Mortgage Financing

In October of 2015, ICS Commercial Lending was launched. Our Lending group operated with just 2 commercial mortgage brokers from 2015 to March 2017.


In March of 2017, ICS had 2 commercial mortgage brokers and decided to launch our recruiting platform. Today, ICS Commercial Lending has over 150 Full-Time and Independent brokers nationwide. We are the fastest growing commercial mortgage firm in the country and will be applying for INC 500 status in 2018.

Why we are growing so quickly

ICS has over 3,000 lenders we source capital through, enabling our borrowers and brokers to submit loans just one time through the CMLS, where lenders can review and compete for our loans. Brokers have unlimited access to every tool and resource needed to originate clients and provide their clients with the highest level of service, at the most competitive rates available.


ICS is a division of ICS Venture Partners LLC, a Washington Limited Liability Company.

CMLS (Commercial Mortgage Listing Service)

ICS  parent company owns the CMLS.com, a Commercial Mortgage Listing Service developed for commercial mortgage brokers. Full-Time ICS brokers and Independent brokers can submit loans through the CMLS to connect with thousands of lenders faster and more efficiently. Just like a real estate MLS where real estate properties are listed for buyers to review and submit offers, the CMLS allows brokers to list loans for thousands of lenders to confidentially review and place offers to fund. CMLS also provides brokers with a broad spectrum of tools and resources, including loan origination software, First American Property Detail reports, training, a contact / lead CRM, realtor data, marketing services, and much more.

Why do borrowers choose ICS?

That's simple. ICS brings more offers to the table for borrowers through our network of 3,000+ lenders who review and compete for our loans through the ICSMLS.

How may loans does ICS originate on average per month?

ICS originates over 100 loans on average each month, and that number grows monthly.




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ICS Loans is a division of ICS Venture Partners, a licensed Washington Limited liability company.

ICS is a member of the Commercial Brokers Association

Office ID: 1003978

1 (800) 275-2522

All fees associated with services and products are deposited to ICS Venture Partners LLC at Bank of America located in Seattle, WA

2010 NW Market Street, Seattle, WA 98107 US
(206) 358-1802

Title & Escrow Services are Provided by First American Title

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3,000+ Lenders & Investors


Over 3,000 commercial lenders and private investors compete for loans submitted through the CMLS (Commercial Mortgage Listing Service). Commercial Mortgage Brokers present loan offers directly to borrowers from thousands of lenders and investors from one single point of contact, ICS.


Seattle Loan Office

1546 NW 56th Street, Seattle, WA 98107

(888) 299-6780