About Us



ICS is the leading online commercial lending marketplace that connects borrowers and loan brokers with lenders and investors nationwide.



How it Works

Commercial and investment real estate loans and business capital requests are listed at ICS by borrowers, commercial loan brokers, and other lending professionals which are immediately reviewed, processed, and listed online at ICSloans.com. 


Loan listings are emailed to lenders and investors for review. Registered lenders, investors, and loan brokers can also view all loan listing inventory at ICS, bringing more offers to the table for borrowers.  Lenders and investors compete for loans listed at ICS, driving rates and fees down for clients.

Instant Rates

Real Estate Loan listings at ICS are instantly priced based off the federal prime and libor indexes, providing borrowers with a realistic market interest rate, term, and suggested loan fees. Loan listings are then available for review by lenders and investors.

How many loans are listed and placed through ICS per month?

Over 200 loans on average each month, and that number grows monthly.