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Online Training Course

The ICS Commercial Loan Advisor Jump Start Training Program will provide you with the technical information, origination skills, tools, and resources you need to originate, structure, and fund commercial loans.

Loan Programs

The Commercial Loan Advisor Jump Start Training Program is straight to the point. Your focus will be learning the 5 core industry loan products, how to propose the proper product, and how to complete and submit a loan package to ICS for funding. Training covers the basics of commercial lending, loan programs available, terminology, how to originate loans, package loans, and submit them correctly for lender placement. You can complete the Online Commercial Loan Training Course and pass the exam in 4-10 hours or less.

Your Business Development Region

The ICS Business Development training section shows you exactly how to build, manage, and cultivate your business development region. We show you how to generate leads, and how to market to borrowers and referral partners efficiently. You will learn how to develop and market to your prospect list, find opportunities, and use key marketing tools and strategies to save yourself time. 

ICS Loan Advisor Exam

The Final Loan Advisor Exam is 200 questions, in addition to mutliple quizes you will complete along the way. You can take the final certification exam as many times as needed at no additional cost.





Online Training

The ICS online training program is straight and to the point. We show you exactly what to do and say. We provide you the information and direction you need to be successful in this business.

Online Training Sections

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Getting Support at ICS

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ICS Referral Partner Program



Recourse vs. Non-Rourse Loans

Quiz - Know Your Stuff

Using Your Loan Payment Calculator

Quiz - Loan Payment on $2,300,000 at 5.5%

Core Loan Programs

Bridge Loan Video

Loan Programs Video

Permanent Loans

Go to and Upload the Permanent Bank Loan Flyer

Fix & Flip - Rehab Loans

Quiz - Loan Payment on $5,500,000 at 7.5%

New Construction Loans

Construction Loan Video

SBA Loans

5 Core Loan Programs

Quiz - Residential Home Loans

Required Documents For Funding

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Don't Forget - Keep it Simple Daily

The Loan Process - Origination to Funding

Submitting Loans to ICS for Funding Online

How to Submit Loans to ICS - Video

ICS Funding Fee Agreement

Sending a Funding Agreement to Client - Video

Your Pitch

Commercial Real Estate Companies Near You

Your Own Website

INTRO EXAM - ICS Commercial Loan Advisors - 160 Questions

Go to and Upload a Funding Fee Agreement

Go to and Upload a Rent Roll Form

Give us Your Best ICS Pitch - Record & Upload

Again.....Give us Your Best ICS Pitch - Record & Upload

And again.....Give us Your Best ICS Pitch - Record & Upload

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Your Referral Partner Intro Email

Referral Partner Call - Video

Give us Your Best Referral Partner Follow-up Phone Pitch

Let's Hear it Again - Give us Your Best Referral Partner Follow-up Call

Property Owner Call Script

Property Owner Call - Video

Mass Calling Techniques For Pros

Documents Needed for a Bank Loan

Documents Needed for a Non-Bank Loan

Final Certification Exam

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