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As an ICS Funding Platform Member you keep 100% of your loan origination fees when you originate, process, and place loans directly with lenders independently through the ICS Funding Platform. If you need loan processing and placement assistance, at your request, ICS will process, structure, place, and negotiate your loan for you through the most competitive Lender.



If you want to focus on origination, spending 100% of your time prospecting, marketing, and originating clients, not shuffling paperwork and sourcing capital, our experienced Loan Team can structure your loans for you when you need assistance. We can handle all funding document requirements, underwriting your loans across multiple lenders simultaneously. At your request, ICS will arrange financing through the most competitive lender for you. Whether you place loans independently through our lending platform or need full processing and placement support, we’ve got you covered. 

We are your back-office loan funding team, when you need us.

If our Loan Team places the loan for you, we charge a packaging and placement fee as outlined below.

ICS Fees are paid by the Borrower and/or Lender at closing and can be wrapped into the loan.

Loan Processing & Packaging Fee

$995 Loans < $1MM

$2,500 Loans > $1MM

$5,000 Loans > $25MM

Funding & Placement Fee

0% to 1%

We structure all fees with you on every deal to ensure we stay competitive. Our fees can be paid directly by the Lender in the form of rate based yield spread premium and/or via points paid by the Borrower at closing.



When you need placement assistance, your loan will be processed, structured, underwritten, and placed though our parent company, ICS Commercial Lending. View our loan products and guidelines below.



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