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ICS Partner Program FAQ

Is ICS a broker or lender?

ICS is a Correspondent Commercial Mortgage Lending Company. We broker and fund loans through 3,000+ banks, credit unions, life insurance companies, agency & cmbs lenders, and private lenders. In most cases, we arrange financing as a broker. In some cases, we fund loans that are immediately table funded at closing.

Does the online training program include cold-call and email scripts?

Yes. Our online training program includes cold-call scripts, email templates, and voicemail scripts, so you know exactly what to say when reaching out to property owners, realtors, loan officers, bankers, and other referral partners.

I want to sign up and start submitting loans. Do I have to complete training first?

Online Training is required for all Partners that want to broker loans through ICS as the primary client contact Broker. Once you sign up, you will have immediate access to submit loans for funding, view loan programs, tools, and resources. 

How long does it take to get paid on deals?

Hard Money Bridge loans typically close in 30 days or less, so you would be paid in less than a month. However, if there are issues with the property, appraisal problems (if required), sometimes it can take a few extra weeks. We have seen bridge loans close in less than 2 weeks. Bank and institutional commercial and investment property loans take longer to close given stricter underwriting guidelines, with closing time-frames usually between 45 and 90 days. SBA commercial real estate loans can fund in approximately 60 days. 

What kind of loans does ICS fund?

ICS brokers income-producing short-term bridge loans, rehab loans, construction loans, and long-term conventional real estate loans through private lenders, banks, credit unions, life insurance companies, FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.

What is the commission split on deals closed through ICS?

Our Mortgage Partners earn 100% of their fees charged to the client. ICS charges a processing, underwriting, and loan placement fee of .5 to 1% depending on the property loan size, type, and nature of the loan project.

Can I broker residential home loans through ICS?


I'm a residential loan officer with a mortgage company/bank. Can I broker loans through ICS?

All Partners are Independent Brokers and get paid directly at escrow closing or on a contract 1099 basis through ICS depending upon the lender. Your employing bank or mortgage company should not have an issue with what services you use on an independent basis. We do not compete with residential home loan banks or residential mortgage companies, so there is no conflict of interest. If you are concerned about this, we encourage you to review your employment contract with your employing bank or mortgage company.

How many users can use a single training and lending platform account?

1 person per account. If you have a team of salespeople that work under you, each person would need to sign up to access our training and lending platform tools and resources.

I'm an ICS Partner and have a loan to submit. Where should I submit the loan?

You can submit your loan request through your Loan Dashboard by logging in then clicking on Submit Loan Request.

When you sign up as an ICS Commercial Mortgage Broker Partner, are you an employee of ICS?

No, you are signing up with ICS as an independent contractor. It is not a W2 job. You are paid directly at escrow closing on most deals. In some cases, the lender will pay ICS directly, in which case you are paid within 48 hours of funding on a 1099 basis. 

Is training provided?

Yes, we offer the most affordable online training program in the industry.

What type of properties can I provide financing for through ICS?

ICS has hundreds of lenders you can broker loans through, so you will want to check each lender to see what loan programs and property types they work with. In general, ICS lenders fund non-owner-occupied investment and commercial properties, including multifamily, office, retail, industrial, mobile home parks, churches, restaurants, specialty use, land, gas stations, and much more. ICS provides custom loan program products for you to market to your prospects and clients.

Is there live training by phone or in-person?

All training is online. However, your assigned Senior Partner at ICS will work closely with you on all loans you submit for funding, where you will learn a lot along the way. We do hold a weekly live conference call for Partners covering different loan programs, tools, resources, and marketing strategies that your are welcome to attend.

Does ICS provide leads?

ICS provides full access to a national Property Radar account which enables you to research properties and owners throughout the country.

Can I work with ICS under my own company name?

Yes. You can originate loans independently using your own company brand, using our lenders, tools, and resources to broker your loans.

Can I use the ICS brand to originate loans?

If you are hired by ICS directly to work exclusively as an ICS Commercial Loan Advisor you work under the ICS brand. Independent Brokers work under their own business brand.

How much does ICS charge to join the program?

ICS charges $139 per month, billed monthly to your credit card. This includes unlimited loan processing, underwriting, and online training access. This is a 6-month agreement, billed monthly, and renews month-to-month after the 6th month.

Why does ICS charge a monthly fee for the Platform & Training?

We charge a monthly fee because this is a brokerage service provided to you, including training, our commercial lending platform, and an abundance of tools and resources not available anywhere else in the industry. If you find a better opportunity that matches our level of service, we would love to hear about it!

How long is the agreement when I sign up?

Our service is a 6-month agreement,  auto-renewing month-to-month after the 6th month.

I only have one deal. Can I submit it to ICS without signing up?

Yes. However, you would be paid as a Referral Partner at a 20% split.

Where is ICS located?

ICS is located in Seattle, Washington.

What states can I originate loans in when brokering through ICS?

You can originate loans nationwide through all our nationwide lenders. You will need licensing in California, AZ, and Nevada. Check with those states for regulatory requirements. 

Can I originate loans in other countries?

No, ICS does not have international lenders at this time within our network.

How long has ICS been in business?

ICS started out as a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage in 2009 and began brokering commercial and investment real estate loans in 2015.

I have a loan, but don't want to handle the client, can I refer it?

Yes, you can refer the loan by submitting it online. ICS pays a 20% referral fee at closing if you are not involved in the loan process.

How do I get support from ICS?

The best way to get support the fastest is to email us through our contact page on the website. A Support Manager will then get back to you via email or phone.

How do I sign up as an ICS Commercial Mortgage Loan Advisor?

Go to

How do I cancel my training service with ICS?

You can cancel after 6 months. Just send us an email through the contact page.

Does ICS have a refund policy.

No. We do not provide refunds. If you are unhappy with our service within the first 30-days, you can cancel the remaining 5-months left on your agreement.

What is the minimum loan size I can broker through ICS?

$100k is the minimum loan size. 

What is the maximum loan size I can broker through ICS?

There is no maximum loan size. Loan size requirements are based upon each lender. ICS has originated loans in excess of $250MM.

Do I need a license to broker commercial and investment real estate loans?

That depends upon the state you are brokering the loan in. A loan officer or real estate broker license is required in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Check with your state to determine if you think you need a license. At this time, there is no license required outside of these 3 states listed. It is your responsibility to stay up on licensing requirements.

How do I pull a credit report for a client?

We recommend you have your client pull their credit themselves through Experian. This way, their credit is not affected, given it is a soft pull. They can provide you that credit report which is uploaded securely to ICS. 

How does ICS help package loans for lender review?

When you submit a loan online at ICS, you instantly receive an email with a link to upload documents, along with a document checklist based upon the type of loan. You can login to your Loan Dashboard to update loans 24/7.

How much do Commercial Mortgage Brokers make?

Full-time Commercial Mortgage Brokers are the highest paid professionals across the real estate industry. The average annual income of a full-time Commercial Mortgage Broker within 18 months is $360,000+. Many brokers earn in excess of $1M per year. Many Commercial Mortgage Brokers only originate a few deals a year, as a side business, so the income is much less.

Can I have my own website?

Yes, it's your business. You can promote your business in any way you like. ICS provides a Lending Platform & Training service to help you broker and fund the deals you originate through your marketing strategies.

How much do I charge per loan?

That is completely up to you. Most brokers charge 1% to 2% depending upon the deal size.

I have general questions. What should I do?

First, make sure those questions are not answered in the online training course, our website, or this FAQ section. If you still cannot find the answer to your questions, email ICS through the "contact us" link at

Do I get an assigned manager or Senior Partner at ICS that can help me with my loans?

Yes. All Partners are teamed with a Senior Partner at ICS. 

I want to sign up just to learn, but am not sure if I will work broker any loans. Can I sign up just for training to see if this is for me?

Absolutely. Many people sign up for the training and remain active to have continuous access to all our tools, resources, and new training courses that come out each month. You can always cancel after 6-months.

Does ICS provide any in-person training?

Yes, we hold a quarterly training seminar for 2-days in Seattle and Los Angeles. There is no fee to join the training if you are a paying user.

Do I have access to lending forms, fee agreements, and contracts?

Yes. Once you sign up you will have full access to Funding Agreements, loan applications, pre-approval letters, and dozens of other real estate and lending documents.

How do I get hired by ICS to work exclusively as an ICS Commercial Loan Advisor?

If you want to work with ICS directly, not as an Independent Broker, you must first complete online training, pass our Advisor exam, and show that you have a minimum of 500 commercial and/or investment contacts in your database to begin contacting. Once you meet these requirements, you can apply to join the ICS Commercial Loan Advisor Team.

What happens after I sign up?

You will sign up online which will give you instant access to our training and Loan Dashboard. You will then register your separate loan dashboard from the training site, where you can access your loans, tools, and resources. Once you complete all the online training courses and pass the ICS Advisor Exam, you complete an onboarding with a Senior Advisor at ICS viaZoom. Everything is outline in training step-by-step.