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ICS originates commercial, multifamily, and investment real estate loans nationwide. We serve major markets throughout the country, as well as rural and tertiary property locations. With 100+ Commercial Loan Advisors, we have local professionals in cities coast to coast ready to assist you.

TOP 25 Fastest Growing Real Estate Markets

25. Columbus, Ohio

24. Orlando, Florida

23. Charleston, South Carolina

States with the Best Roads in America

22. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

21. Indianapolis, Indiana

20. Washington, DC–MD suburbs

19. Boise, Idaho

18. Orange County, California

17. Inland Empire, California

16. Cape Coral / Fort Myers / Naples, Florida

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15. Phoenix, Arizona

Most Racist Cities in America Ranked by Hate Crimes

14. Northern New Jersey, New Jersey

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13. Denver, Colorado

12. San Antonio, Texas

15 Highest Paying Cities for Teachers

11. Atlanta, Georgia

10. Long Island, New York

9. Boston, Massachusetts

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8. Washington, DC – Northern VA

7. Salt Lake City, Utah

6. Tampa / St. Petersburg, Florida

5. Charlotte, North Carolina

4. Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

Fastest Growing Metropolitan Areas in America in 2015

3. Nashville, Tennessee

2. Austin, Texas

1. Raleigh / Durham, North Carolina

Fastest Growing Metropolitan Areas in America in 2015


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