Office Building Financing

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Office Building Financing



Input your office building loan scenario online. If your office building loan request meets our lending guidelines, you will receive an instant market rate quote. You can then submit your loan to the ICSLoans Marketplace for funding. Takes about 3 minutes.


Bridge loans, often referred to as Hard Money loans, can close in 2-3 weeks. No minimum credit score requirement. Used to stabilize properties. Less documents and fewer underwriting requirements. 

Permanent loans are offered by banks and can close in 45 to 60 days. 650+ credit score required. Used for stabilized properties. 2-3 years tax returns required, full-doc underwriting.

Fix & Flip loans are non-bank loans and can close in 2-3 weeks. 600 minimum credit score required. 10% to 15% down payment required for purchase fix and flip transactions. Experience required in most cases, or substantial cash reserves.

New construction loans are offered by banks and can close in 45 - 60 days. 650+ credit score required in most cases. Minimum 20% down payment required for new construction purchase transactions. Minimum 20% cash contribution to total costs.