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ICS pays a commercial referral fee of 20% of the total loan origination fees up to 1% of the loan amount. Referral Partners get paid directly at escrow closing or by ICS.


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Multifamily 5+ Units





Residential 1-4 Units

Manufactured Housing

Hotel / Motel

Special Purpose

School Facility

Farm & Land

Gas Station



Private & Institutional Grade Financing



Bridge / Hard Money Loans

Permanent Loans

SBA Loans

Construction Loans

Business Loans




Loans are instantly quoted, processed, underwritten, then funded, brokered, sold, or assigned to the most competitive ICSLoans Marketplace lender. 3,000+ approved Lenders can confidentially review and compete to provide financing, submitting loan offers which will meet, beat, or counter offer the asking rate and terms. It's like listing a property for sale through a real estate MLS.

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