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Select a loan program and submit your request. ICS prices your loan instantly, issuing a Good Faith Estimate, including estimated rate, terms, and closing costs.

Your priced loan, including asking rate and terms is listed to the ICS Marketplace for hundreds of lenders to review through one single point of contact, ICS.

Lenders submit offers to ICS that either meet, beat, or counter-offer your asking rate and terms. You select the most competitive loan offer.

ICS processes, underwrites, and funds your loan on-time through the most competitive lender. Our average closing is 21 days.


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Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.


Submit your commercial loan request and get an instant Good Faith Estimate, including rate, terms, and fees.


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As a direct correspondent lending company, we ensure timely closings and the most competitive market rates available through one single point of contact. ICS funds loans which are sold or assigned to hundreds of national lenders and investors.