About ICS Loans Commercial Real Estate Lending

Why Borrowers & Brokers Choose ICS

ICS is a correspondent commercial lending company offering commercial and investment property financing nationwide. ICS funds, sells, assigns, and brokers loans to 500+ lenders and investors who compete to fund our loans through the ICSLoans.com Commercial Lending Marketplace.

Just like real estate is marketed and listed for sale by realtors via a multiple listing service, ICS processes, underwrites, prices, and packages loans, which are then marketed, sold, or brokered to the most competitive ICS Marketplace Lender.


Official Forbes Finance Council Member

In 2019, ICS was invited to join the Forbes Finance Council. ICS is one of the most innovative commercial mortgage lending companies in the country, offering more commercial real estate and investment property loan programs and rates than any other bank or commercial lender. ICS offers over 500 commercial and investment property loan options from one single point of contact.


Commercial Mortgage Financing ICSLoans.com


500+ Institutional & Private Lenders


Commercial Mortgage Financing ICSLoans.com


750+ Commercial Lending Partners Nationwide

ICS has over 750 independent Commercial Lending Partners that fund loans directly through ICS. Our Commercial Lending Partners are able to offer hundreds of loan programs and instant rate quotes from one single point of contact, ICS.


Commercial Mortgage Financing ICSLoans.com

Seattle, WA - Corporate Office

ICS operates on a national level, serving our clients in every major market throughout the United States. ICSLoans Inc. is located in Seattle, WA, with downtown offices located 5608 17th Avenue NW, Seattle, WA 98107.



Commercial Mortgage Financing ICSLoans.com

Excellent Service Record

ICS takes pride in providing the highest level of customer service. Our clients are the backbone of our business, and we strive to ensure we provide the most competitive terms available. ICSLoans Inc. has a perfect rating with the BBB.

Commercial Mortgage Financing ICSLoans.com

Over 1 Billion Originated Annually

ICS originates and processes over $1 Billion in annual commercial and investment real estate loan applications via ICSLoans.com. ICS is the fastest growing commercial mortgage lending company in the United States. Loan requests submitted by borrowers and commercial loan brokers are processed, underwritten, priced then packaged, sold or brokered to the most competitive ICS Marketplace Lender.

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