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If you have a loan request you would like to discuss, please submit your request online first. It takes about 3-minutes. You can then schedule a loan review call. You must submit your request online to schedule a Loan Review call.

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If you have questions about our loan products and rates, please use our Loan Finder to learn more about the types of financing we offer. If you can't find the loan program you are looking for using Loan Finder, it means we don't offer it. Loan Products are updated weekly. Interest rates by loan product are soft quote estimates. To receive lender term sheets with precise rates and fees, you will need to submit your loan request with full documentation uploaded.

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If you are interested in working with ICS as a Broker Partner, please schedule a call below. We look forward to speaking with you.

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In order to receive lender term sheets with precise rates, terms, and fees, the following documents must be uploaded to the loan file online for income producing properties. We do not accept documents via email. Login to upload docs to loan file online.

  • Property Rent Roll
  • Property Operating Statement (T12 & Previous Year)
  • Borrower Schedule of Real Estate Owned
  • Borrower Personal Financial Statement or Completed Loan Application
  • Borrower Credit Report
  • Borrower Personal Tax Returns (Last 3-Years)
  • Business Tax Returns (if self-employed)
  • Borrower ID

Rehab & New Construction Projects

If the project includes rehab or new construction, the additional documents are required for lender term sheets.

  • Scope of Work / Budget
  • Borrower project history / project resume
  • General Contractor Company

If you need an update on the status of a loan you have submitted, you can login online, then go to the loan detail page where you will find the status of your loan, including outstanding documents needed and pending conditions. 

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If you need general support, help with the website, or have other administrative or technical questions, please submit a support request.

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