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You must submit your loan request online first before scheduling a loan review call. The loan must be in the system to receive a call back. Please login to your Loan Dashboard and submit the loan request. If you have already submitted the loan online, you can schedule a loan review call.

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If you have general questions about loan programs, strategies, or tools & resources, please login to your Loan Dashboard to find answers quickly and easily. You can also submit a support request.

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If you need email support or general website support, please submit a support request.

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If you need to update your billing preferences, credit card, or would like to cancel your agreement with ICS, you can do so via the link below. Please remember, all Lending Partner agreements are 6-months, then month-to-month. If you cancel your agreement within the 6-month period, your auto-billing will stop, however you will be invoiced for the remaining amount owed, due within 30-days of cancellation. If you cancel after the 6-month period, your billing will stop at the end of the current month's billing period with no future recurring billing. 

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