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If you have a loan scenario you would like to discuss with a Senior Advisor at ICS, please use our Loan Finder tool to review our available loan products. You may then select a loan product and submit the loan scenario for review. Upon submitting the loan scenario online, you will be able to schedule a Loan Review Call with an ICS Team Member. We can change loan products at anytime after submission. You must submit your loan scenario / request online to schedule a Loan Review Call. Thank you.

If you have questions about our loan products and rates, please use our Loan Finder to learn more about the types of financing we offer. If you can't find the loan program you are looking for using Loan Finder, it means we don't offer it. Loan Products are updated weekly. Interest rates by loan product are soft quote estimates. To receive lender term sheets with precise rates and fees, you will need to submit your loan request with full documentation uploaded.

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If you are interested in funding loans with ICS as a Broker, please visit our Lending Partner Program page via the link below. You can work with ICS as an Independent Broker or sign up with us as an ICS Lending Partner.

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If you are interested in becoming an ICS Commercial Loan Advisor, and would like to work directly with ICS, please visit our Commercial Loan Advisor career page to learn more the opportunity.

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In order to receive lender term sheets with precise rates, terms, and fees, the following documents must be uploaded to the loan file online for income producing properties. See document requirements here.

Use First American's Title & Escrow Closing Fee calculator to get a better idea of expected closing costs. This calculator does not include lender closing costs, mortgage broker fees, appraisal, or other 3rd party reports. This calculator provides estimated title policy fees, recording, and any city, county, or state taxes that may be associated with the transaction. > Go

If you are an ICS Lending Partner / Advisor login to your Loan Dashboard and go to the Zoom Link for access.


If you are an ICS Lending Partner / Advisor and are having problems logging into your ICS Loan Dashboard, you can reset your password via the link below. If you are not a paid User, you will not have a username or password to reset, as you do not have access to login to the Platform. Independent Brokes and Borrowers can login to loans here.

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If you did not find the support option you are looking for above, please visit the link below to see more support options at ICS.

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