ICS trains our Advisors how to find prospective clients, build relationships, and provide the information and advisory services clients are looking for to make informed financial decisions.



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You'll make it with ICS

Less than 20% of Commercial Mortgage Brokers make it past their first 90-days in the business simply because they don't have enough industry knowledge, training, support, and no game plan. ICS provides the best Commercial Mortgage Training available for new and experienced Commercial Mortgage Loan Brokers. We ensure you attain the knowledge you need backed by our First in Class loan support team to guide you in originating and closing commercial and investment property loans. Our Training Program is designed to get you up and running in your first 30-days.

30-Day Road Map

We show you exactly what to do, providing you with a weekly game plan for success, and we help you along the way. You simply have to do the work, keep it simple, don't look for short-cuts, and don't try to recreate the wheel. This business is not for the "get rich quick" sales person. This business if for the committed, driven professional interested in building a business that will generate substantial income for years to come. Become an expert. Follow your plan.


You will become an expert when it comes to the 6 Core Loan Programs 99% of all commercial and investment property financing transactions fall into. As an ICS Commercial Loan Advisor or Independent Broker Partner, your goal is to find clients, identify the best Core Loan Program for their financing requirements, and provide an estimated rate quote through the ICS Lending Platform. ICS then assists in negotiating, processing, and funding the loan through the most competitive lender for the assignment.

Conforming Bank & Agency Loans

Conforming Bank & Agency Loans are permanent (long-term) fixed-rate loans with initial fixed periods of 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, and 30-years, up to 30-year amortization, have a prepayment penalty, offering the lowest rates available. Properties must be stabilized and meet stricter conventional underwriting guidelines. Close in 45 to 60-days.

FLEX (Non-Conforming) Fixed-Rate Loans

FLEX PERM Fixed-Rate Loans are non-conforming loans with 5 to 30-year fixed-rate terms and up to 30-year amortization. Underwriting guidelines are more flexible, providing long-term financing for borrowers and/or properties that don’t meet conventional guidelines. Rates and LTV limits are FICO score based.

Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans are interest only with fixed and adjustable terms ranging from 1 to 3-years, and usually have no prepayment penalty. Underwriting guidelines are more flexible. Bridge loans are asset-based used to stabilize or rehab commercial or investment properties to resell or refinance long-term. Bridge loans offer fast closings in as less than 30-days.

Fix & Flip Loans

Fix & Flip  / Rehab Loans are interest only with fixed terms ranging from 9 to 36-months, and have no prepayment penalty in most cases. We offer up to 100% LTV and 95% LTC depending upon the project. Fix & Flip loans are used to complete small to major rehab projects in order to resell or refinance long-term. Fix & Flip loans can close in 21 to 30-days.

Construction Loans

Construction loan terms are 12 to 36-month interest only terms, and usually have no prepayment penalty. Underwriting guidelines are project specific and require a minimum of one construction project completed within the last 5 years. Constructions loans can close in 30 to 60 days.

SBA Real Estate Loans

ICS funds SBA loans for owner-occupied commercial real estate, including purchase, refinance, rehab, and new construction. Properties can be single-tenant or mixed-use, with 51% or more of the property occupied by the property owner's business. SBA loans require as little as 10% down and can close in 30-45 days.

Senior Partner Team Support

You will be teamed with a group of Senior Partners at ICS who will be your primary point of contact for all loan origination and loan structuring support. Your Senior Partners will help you evaluate loans, identify the best lenders, and work with you closely in your target market to show you how to market and maximize your origination efforts.

Weekly Webinars

Documents & Forms

You will have access to dozens of lending forms and documents. Training will guide you when to use certain forms, and how to read financial documents.

Property Owner Prospects

ICS provides all our Commercial Loan Advisors with access to a Property Radar account. This is a 3rd party services ICS pays for which enable you to lookup any property nationwide, including property details, transaction history, loan information, and property ownership details. Since many properties are held in an LLC, will we show you how to research LLC ownership groups using the right tools and techniques to save you time and money. A single owner relationship could generate numerous refinance and purchase loans for years to come.

Cold Calling Using Technology

We are going to show you how to use advanced 3rd Party call technology to leave personal voicemails for hundreds or even thousands of prospects in a matter of minutes. This eliminates spending endless hours on the phone. Automated voicemails are very personal, not annoying, allowing prospects to call you back at their convenience. This is an amazing strategy to connect with prospects without spending all day cold calling.

Call, Email & Voicemail Scripts

We provide you with proven call, email, and voicemail scripts successful Senior Advisors use to connect with prospective property owners and referral partners. No need to guess what to say. We tell you exactly what to say, and how to approach prospective clients in a professional and effective manner. Templates are available in training and you can listen to live recordings from a Senior Partner.

Broker Exam - Certification

ICS Loan Dashboard

You will have access to your own Loan Dashboard at When you enter or submit loans to ICS online, they are saved in your Loan Dashboard where you can update client information, and add documents. When clients apply via your personal web-application link, those loans go directly into your secure Loan Dashboard and are only viewable by you and ICS management. You also receive an email notification.

Personal Web-Application Link

ICS Commercial Loan Advisors get their own ICS branded web-application link. Independent Brokers can use our white label application link to share with prospects and clients. When your prospective client submits a loan request, it can only go to you. Loan requests originated through your web-application link are emailed to you and go directly into your Loan Dashboard to begin working on.

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Loan Calculations

ICS Loan Dashboard Intro

Building Your Book of Business

Researching Property Owners



Our goal is for you to close $36MM in loan volume in year one. In order to do this, the following requirements will certainly apply.

20+ Hours Per Week Minimum Commitment

Financially Stable


Well Spoken

People Person

Ok with 100% Commission Only

6-Month Commitment

Must Complete Training

Can afford training and monthly desk/platform fee

Have savings or alternative income to help you during the ramp-up period




If approved to join ICS, you will be required to complete training and have access to a number of tools and resources necessary to originate business. ICS charges a one-time set-up fee of $100 + $140 monthly Training and Funding Platform fee, similar to a real estate company desk fee. This fee covers indefinite ongoing training, support, LOS, marketing materials, contact lead database, web links, ICS email, and access to industry leading tools and resources to ensure you have what you need to build your book of business and originate loans in excess of $36MM per year, which equates to $360k+ in annual commissions. These are required fees, which we reimburse in any month you close a loan with ICS.




Schedule a Quick 15-Minute Call

Schedule a quick call with an ICS Team Member to learn more about working with ICS as an ICS Commercial Loan Advisor. Positions are limited and we are highly selective, so please only schedule a call if you are extremely interested after reviewing the opportunity and our company in depth online.