Commercial Mortgage Broker Training – Loan Officer Training

Commercial Loan Advisor Training

Originate, structure, and close commercial and investment real estate loans.

ICS provides new commercial loan advisors with an all-inclusive Commercial Loan Advisor Training Program online. The online program includes also includes full access to the ICS Lending Platform. Our training program shows Commercial Loan Advisors exactly what to do on a daily basis to be successful. Marketing and lead generation is the focus of our training. Without leads, it is impossible to originate loans. Without prospective contacts, it is impossible to generate leads. Without loan program and industry knowledge, it is impossible to earn client trust. At ICS, we cover it all.


Commercial Loan Advisor applicants wishing to work for ICS, Independent Loan Brokers, or anyone interested in learning more about commercial mortgage lending. Our commercial lending certification program will provide the skills you need to succeed as an effective Commercial Loan Advisor. 

The 90 Day ICS Commercial Loan Advisor Marketing Jump Start Guide is a step-by-step outline showing Advisors exactly what to do for 90 days, and what tools and resources to use on a daily basis to be successful originating loans. Our goal is for every  student to close 1 - 2 loans during the training period.

Earn While Your Learn

Weekly Wednesday Webinar

Each Wednesday ICS holds a training webinar online covering a variety of lending topics, including loan programs, market updates, marketing strategies, sales pitch training, and much more. The weekly webinars are ran by a Senior Partner at ICS. Following the meeting, students can submit a varity of questions which are posted for everyone to review online the next day.

Coaching & Support

All CLA's in training are teamed with a Lending Partner Support Manager. Support Managers are available Monday - Friday to answer questions, provide guidance, and ensure CLA's are following the guide accordingly.


Loan Advisor Personal Website Application

All CLA's receive their own personal website link, including loan program search and application. The CLA website link is provided via the and White label for Advisors that don't want to work under the ICS brand.