ICS Commercial Loan Broker Training

ICS provides the best online training program for Commercial Mortgage Loan Advisors and Independent Brokers available. Once completed, you will be approved to begin originating and funding loans with ICS or fund loans independently on your own.

Training Course Outline

    • Welcome to ICS - Your Start-up Checklist
    • Register Your Loan Dashboard at ICSLoans.com
    • Profit & Loss / Operating Statement
    • Rent Roll
    • Net Operating Income
    • Real Estate Proforma
    • Cap Rates
    • Lease Types
    • NNN Lease?
    • Difference between a Triple Net Lease & Gross Lease?
    • Appraisal
    • Prepayment Penalties
    • Section 1: Terminology
    • Section 2: Terminology
    • Section 3: Terminology
    • Commercial Loan Application in Detail
    • Short Loan Application
    • Loan Processing & Underwriting Checklist
    • ---LOAN PROGRAMS---
    • Core Loan Programs - 6
    • Bridge " Hard Money" Loans
    • Permanent Loans
    • SBA Commercial Real Estate Loans
    • Freddie Mac Small Balance Loan
    • Freddie Mac Conventional Loan
    • Mass Calling with Voicemails
    • Marketing Scripts
    • The Loan Advisor 30 Second Sales Pitch
    • The Federal Prime Rate - Why it is so important
    • Property Owner Database - Property Radar
    • Property Owner Email Script
    • Property Owner Voicemail Script
    • Property Owner Automated Voicemail Broadcasts
    • Intro to Referral Partner Prospects
    • Referral Partner Email Script
    • Referral Partner Voicemail Scrips
    • Mass Calling with Automated Voicemails
    • Explain the importance of the Federal Prime Rate
    • Prime Rate Quiz
    • Property Owner & Referral Partner Intro Script Review
    • Submitting Loans to ICS for Funding


You will become an expert when it comes to the 6 Core Loan Programs 99% of all commercial and investment property financing transactions fall into at ICS. As an ICS Commercial Loan Advisor, your job is to find clients, identify the best Core Loan Program for their financing requirements, and provide an estimated rate quote through the ICS Lending Platform. ICS then assists in negotiating and funding the loan through the best lender.

Conventional Bank & Agency Loans

ICS Conventional Bank & Agency Loans are permanent (long-term) fixed-rate loans with initial fixed periods of 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, and 30-years, up to 30-year amortization, have a prepayment penalty, offering the lowest rates available. Properties must be stabilized and meet stricter conventional underwriting guidelines. Close in 45 to 60 days.

FLEX (Non-Bank) Fixed-Rate Loans

ICS FLEX Fixed-Rate Loans are non-conforming loans with 5 to 30-year fixed-rate terms and up to 30-year amortization. Underwriting guidelines are more flexible, providing long-term financing for borrowers and/or properties that don’t meet conventional guidelines. Rates and LTV limits are FICO score based.

Bridge (Hard Money) Loans

ICS Bridge Loans are interest only with fixed terms ranging from 1 to 3 years, and usually have no prepayment penalty. Underwriting guidelines are more flexible. Bridge loans are asset-based used to stabilize or rehab commercial or investment properties to resell or refinance long-term. Bridge loans offer fast closings in 7 to 21 days.

Fix & Flip Loans

ICS Fix & Flip Loans are interest only with fixed terms ranging from 9 to 12 months, and have no prepayment penalty. We offer up to 100% LTV and 95% LTC depending upon the project. Fix & Flip loans are used to complete small to major rehab projects in order to resell or refinance long-term. Fix & Flip loans close in 21 to 30 days.

Construction Loans 

ICS Construction loan terms are 9 to 24 month interest only terms, and usually have no prepayment penalty. Underwriting guidelines are project specific and require a minimum of one construction project completed within the last 5 years. Constructions loans can close in 30 to 60 days.

SBA Real Estate Loans

ICS funds SBA loans for owner-occupied commercial real estate, including purchase, refinance, rehab, and new construction. Properties can be single-tenant or mixed-use, with 51% or more of the property occupied by the property owner's business. SBA loans require as little as 10% down and can close in 30-45 days.

Senior Partner

You will be teamed with a Senior Partner at ICS who will be your primary point of contact for all loan origination and loan structuring support. Your Senior Partner will help you evaluate loans, identify the best lenders, and work with you closely in your target market to show you how to market and maximize your origination efforts.

Documents & Forms

You will have access to dozens of lending forms and documents. Training will guide you when to use certain forms, and how to read financial documents.

ICS FORM C-1003 Commercial Mortgage Loan Application

Standard Residential 1003 Loan Application

Exclusive Funding Fee Agreement

Funding Approval Letter

Referral Fee Agreement

Personal Financial Statement

File Stacking Order Form

Rent Roll - Multifamily

Rent Roll - Commercial

Rent Roll - PDF

Letter of Intent

Addendum - Blank

Schedule of Real Estate Owned (Excel)

IRS Form 4506- Printable

IRS W-9 Form - Printable

ICS Referral Fee Agreement

SBA Documents

Complete SBA Loan Application

Proforma - Sales Projections

Business Debt Schedule

Business History

General Business & Project Information

Manager-Owner Profile

Personal Financial Statement

Pre-Loan Approval For Use of Funds

Certificate of Corporate Secretary

SBA Borrower Application 7a

Needs List Form

Property Owner Prospects

ICS provides all Loan Advisors with a Team Property Radar account. This is a 3rd party service ICS pays for which enables you to lookup any property nationwide, including property details, transaction history, loan information, and property ownership details. -As a Commercial Loan Advisor, you will spend 70-80% of your time researching financing opportunities and building your client book of business using Property Radar. This service is $99/mo, we cover this cost for you.

Researching Owners

Again, as a Commercial Loan Advisor, you will spend 70-80% of your time researching property owners to call, email, and direct mail. We will show you how to use Property Radar to uncover refinance opportunities. Since many properties are held in an LLC, will we show you how to research LLC ownership groups using the right tools and techniques to save you time and money. A single owner relationship could generate numerous refinance and purchase loans for years to come.

Referral Partner Contacts

ICS provides access to 1.5+ million realtors, residential loan officers, and bankers. You can download these contacts in excel format to use in your direct email and call marketing campaigns.

Cold Calling Using Technology

We are going to show you how to use advanced call technology to leave personal voicemails for hundreds or even thousands of prospects in a matter of minutes. This eliminates spending endless hours on the phone. Automated voicemails are very personal, not annoying, allowing prospects to call you back at their convenience. This is an amazing strategy to connect with prospects without spending all day cold calling.

Call, Email & Voicemail Scripts

We provide you with proven call, email, and voicemail scripts successful Senior Advisors use to connect with prospective property owners and referral partners. No need to guess what to say. We tell you exactly what to say, and how to approach prospective clients in a professional and effective manner. Templates are available in training and you can listen to live recordings from a Senior Partner.

Business Development - Your Target Market

As an ICS Commercial Loan Advisor you can originate and fund loans nationwide. However, we are going to help you develop your business in a target market of your choice, selecting 1-3 major cities to focus on to start. Your Senior Partner will work with you to develop a business plan to connect with thousands of property owners and referral partners in your target market. ICS will help you pull bulk lists of property owners and ensure you have every realtor and loan officer's contact info in the region.

ICS Loan Dashboard

You will have access to your own Loan Dashboard at ICSLoans.com. When you enter or submit loans to ICS online, they are saved in your Loan Dashboard where you can update client information, add documents, and connect directly with our Lender Network when needed. When clients apply via your personal web-application link, those loans go directly into your secure Loan Dashboard and are only viewable by you and ICS management.

Personal Web-Application Link

You will get your own personal web-application link you can share with prospects and clients. When prospects enter ICSLoans.com using your link, they are tracked via cookies throughout every page on the site. When they inquire about financing or submit a loan request, it can only go to you. They cannot go around you. You can use your personal web-link to stay in touch with prospects and your growing client list to keep them up-to-date on loan programs and rates. Loan requests originated through your web-application link are emailed to you and go directly into your Loan Dashboard.

Professional ICS Email Account

You will be able to send all documents to clients via DocuSign from your ICS Loan Dashboard. Funding Fee Agreements, Funding Pre-Approval Letters, and many other templates are fill-form online for easy delivery to your clients. You are notified instantly when a client executes a document.

Lender Database

You get unlimited access to our Lender Database, enabling you to connect with lenders directly when you have specific questions or to submit an electronic Loan Funding Package to them for review. ICS has over 200 conventional and private lenders and we add new lenders monthly that compete to fund our deals.

Commissions - How it Works

You get paid 100% of your loan origination points charged to the client. For example, if ICS funds a loan in the amount of $2,000,000 and you charge 1 point (1%), the total gross commission is $20,000.

Average Points/Fees Earned

Most deals earn 1-2%, which is charged to the client and paid at closing. In some cases, ICS earns additional points paid to ICS by the lender. This is called yield spread premium, or rebate. ICS is paid at the lender level. In some cases, ICS charges 0.25% to 1% depending upon the nature of the loan.

Getting Paid

ICS pays commissions within 2 business days of funding, or within 2 business days of funds clearing the ICS corporate account. We pay fast!

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