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Are you a Commercial Mortgage Broker? Realtor? Residential Loan Officer? Investor? Banker? Sales Person? Entrepreneur? Start originating and funding loans with ICS today.

How it Works

Work with ICS in 1 of 2 ways

Referral Partner


ICS Loan Advisor



    • Earn a 20% Referral Fee on loan revenue
    • Refer clients at your leisure
    • ICS handles all client correspondence
    • ICS funds your turn-downs
    • Get paid directly at escrow closing
    • ICS handles all document flow
    • ICS offers hundreds of loan programs
    • You will be assigned your own Dedicated Commercial Loan Advisor
    • Refer a deal, sit back, get paid

This option is great for Personal Bankers, Commercial Loan Officers, Lenders, and Residential Loan Officers that have commercial and investment property clients they cannot service through their employing bank or mortgage lending company. We also work with hundreds of realtors, accountants, attorneys, and other industry related professionals. It's free to register as a Referral Partner, and we take care of your clients. You will be teamed with a Senior Partner at ICS who will be your primary point of contact.



    • Work exclusively with ICS
    • LEADS provided
    • Keep 100% of your Commission
    • You originate loans, we arrange financing
    • Unlimited earning potential
    • $360k/year at quota
    • 100% commission independent contractor
    • Draws available on approved deals
    • We offer the best online Commercial Loan Advisor Training Program available

This option is great for Independent Loan Brokers, Residential Loan Officers, Real Estate Brokers, and other professionals that have commercial and investment property experience or have wanted to get into the Commercial Mortgage Business. ICS processes, structures, underwrites, and arranges financing through our network of lenders. You have full access to our loan origination marketing tools, forms and an abundance of resources to help you originate and close deals. We provide leads to call on.