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Welcome to the ICS Broker Program

Are you a commercial mortgage broker in need of loan processing and lender placement support? Start funding loans today with ICS.

Closing Deals for 20+ Years

How it Works

Submit your loan scenario online in less than 3 minutes.

Your loan will be reviewed within minutes. You'll be able to schedule a call with a Senior Partner who will structure your loan with you, including rate, term, and fees.

ICS will assist you in placing your loan with our best lender, then process and underwrite your loan through closing.

Your loan will fund on-time, at the best market terms are rate available.

800+ Lenders

As a correspondent lender, ICS brokers, sells, assigns, and funds loans through 800+ institutional banks and private lenders.


Property Types

Fund all property types including office, retail, industrial, multifamily, 1 - 4 unit investment, land, self-storage, hotel/motel, sporting facilities, gas stations, churches, and much more







When you fund a loan through ICS, we split the loan origination commission with you 50/50. You are paid directly at closing. ICS charges a loan funding fee ranging from 1% to 5% depending upon the nature and size of the loan.





ICS offers Brokers an abundance of FREE tools and resources, including online training materials, lending forms, loan processing support, and much more.


You will be teamed with a Senior Partner who will assist you in structuring your loans through the best lender.


Access our online training resources, including loan program information, lending basics, terminology, document requirements, and loan processing procedures.


ICS underwrites loans across hundreds of lenders. Your Senior Partner and loan processing team will assist in underwriting your loan quickly through the appropriate lenders for your loan.




Let's Do It

When you submit a loan to ICS, our team will structure the loan with you and place it with the most competitive lender.






Submit your loan scenario online. You'll  be able to schedule a call with a Senior Partner immediately following submission. Please submit your loan scenario online before calling.