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As a Direct Lender or Mortgage Broker you can search the ICSLoans.com Commercial Lending Marketplace to find loans to fund, as well as list loans you've originated to be reviewed and funded through our Marketplace of Lending Partners. ICS receives hundreds of loan requests each month from Borrowers and Brokers in need of financing. Find and fund your next loan with ICS.


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Just like real estate is marketed and listed for sale by realtors via a multiple listing service (MLS), ICS processes, underwrites, prices, and packages loans submitted to ICS by Borrowers, Brokers, and Lenders. Loans are listed at ICSLoans.com where they are then sold or brokered to the most competitive ICS Marketplace Lender. 

How it Works

Borrowers, Brokers and Lenders submit loan requests online at ICSLoans.com.

ICS issues an instant Good Faith Estimate based upon market conditions, including estimated rate, terms, and closing costs.

Once the Good Faith Estimate is accepted, the loan is processed, packaged, and listed via the ICSLoans.com Commercial Lending Marketplace.

Competing Lenders review the loan package online, submitting offers to fund the loan directly to the representing Broker or Borrower that either meet, beat, or counter-offer the suggested Good Faith Estimate asking rate and terms.

800+ Lenders

Connect with 800+ Institutional banks and private lenders through the ICSLoans.com Marketplace.


Property Types

Fund all property types including office, retail, industrial, multifamily, 1 - 4 unit investment, land, self-storage, hotel/motel, sporting facilities, gas stations, churches, and much more






ICS provides Mortgage Brokers online training materials. Learn to submit and package loans correctly for funding, marketing strategies, commercial lending basics, and much more. Our training materials provide you with everything you need to originate and fund loans successfully. 




Commercial Lending Partners get their own ICS weblink and White Label weblink where clients can search hundreds of loan programs via our proprietary 3 Minute Rate Quote tool, receive instant rates and Good Faith Estimates, and apply directly online. Loan requests go directly to the Lending Partner via email, and the ICS Loan Processing Team. You can add the weblink to your own website, or use the ICS White Label weblink as your standalone site. When you register with ICS, you are instantly issued your White Label 3 Minute Rate Quote weblink and your own ICS link you can share with clients.



Loan Dashboard


Lending Partners can track their loans, clients, and access all training and lending tools and resources via their own secure Loan Dashboard.



Broker Commissions



Brokers keep 100% of their loan commission fees and points.