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ICS Lending Opportunities

Hundreds of new and experienced loan brokers, realtors, and other business professionals join ICS Commercial Lending each year. As an ICS Lending Partner, you can assist commercial and investment real estate borrowers and businesses acquire the financing they need directly through ICS.




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ICS has hundreds of Commercial Loan Officers nationwide. You can apply to join our Lending Partner Program as an ICS Team Loan Officer, Independent Broker, or Referral Partner.




ICS Team Loan Officers


ICS Commercial Loan Officers work on a team at ICS. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to work closely with an experienced group, is professional, willing to work, and appreciates motivational support. Team Loan Officers are provided leads weekly. This is a full-time, outside sales, at-home, commission only position. ICS Commercial Loan Officers must successfully complete the ICS Online Commercial Loan Sales Training Program prior to joining ICS. We only hire trained professionals. Our Loan Officers get their own loan officer website, realtor database, unlimited access to all tools, loan processing, underwriting support, resources, forms, ICS marketing materials, ICS email, and much more. ICS is highly selective when it comes to ICS Team Loan Officers. Those that are not hired or prefer not to work on an ICS Team can join ICS as an Independent Broker. 


Independent Brokers


Independent Brokers are often experienced and work under their own company brand name, or are new to the business and just want to see what being a Loan Broker is all about with no full-time commitment. Independent Brokers work on their own and receive support from the ICS when requested. Independent Brokers are not required to hit any quotas. Independent Broker can purchase leads as needed. Anyone with a clean background can join ICS as an Independent Broker. ICS has over 500 Independent Brokers nationwide. Independent Brokers have the option to go through the ICS Commercial Loan Sales Training Program and can sign-up for other optional services including leads, a loan officer website, realtor database, unlimited access to all tools, loan processing and underwriting support, resources, lenders, forms, marketing materials, and much more.


Referral Partners


Referral Partners earn 20% of all loan origination fees on closed loans referred to ICS. It is free to join our Referral Partner Program. 




In order to be successful in the loan business,  you need LEADS. ICS provides property owner leads, realtor lists, bankers, and residential mortgage broker contact lists.




Commissions typically range between $5,000 and $75,000 per loan. 


Loan Officers usually charge 1 to 3 points based upon loan size, sometimes more on loans under $500,000. 

Paid at Closing

Lending Partners are 1099 commission based contractors and are either paid directly at escrow or by ICS.

Commission Splits & Fees

ICS charges a loan processing and funding fee to the borrower of $975. Commercial Loan Officers keep 100% of their loan origination commission points. 


ICS provides our Loan Officers and Independent Lending Partners with the all the tools and resources needed to successfully originate and fund loans

Loan Processing & Underwriting

ICS processes and underwrites commercial loans which are sold, assigned, or brokered to over 3,000 institutional and private investors nationwide. The ICS Loan Processing Team gathers all loan documents from borrowers and ensures all closing conditions are met to close loans on-time.

Forms & Contracts

Access Real Estate Lending Forms, Loan Applications, Funding Fee Agreements, Title Reports, Credit Reports and more

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Your Own Website

ICS Loan Officers and Independent Brokers get their own mobile friendly website with online loan application for clients to apply and upload documents. Loan Officer information is embedded throughout the ICS site using cookies, so no matter what page the client goes to, or when they come back to the site, Loan Officer information is front and center. Loan applications go directly to the Loan Officer via email. Independent Brokers and ICS Loan Officers also get their own "white label" site with online application separate from

How Your Website Works

Research Tools

Find out who owns properties using our LLC lookup tool.

Realtor Database

Access over 1.4 Million realtors at

Nationwide Lending

Originate loans in every city across the country through ICS.

ICS Email, Business Cards & Marketing Brochures

ICS Team Loan Officer receive an ICS email account, business cards, and ICS marketing brochures. Independent Brokers have full access to all tools, resources, and loan processing support, but work under their own company name and personal email. You must complete the Online Loan Broker Training Program and pass the ICS Loan Broker Certification Exam to work directly under ICS as an ICS Team Broker.

Tri-Merge Credit Reports

Pull tri-merge borrower credit reports directly through ICS.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

ICS Loan Officers are covered under ICS errors and omissions insurance.

ICS offers the #1 Online Commercial Loan Sales Training Program to help Loan Professionals get a basic understanding of the business and learn to generate loans. The program teaches Lending Professionals how to evaluate loan applications, income and asset documents, promote the right loans, originate loans, cold-call on leads, and submit loans appropriately for fast processing, underwriting, and funding. The Online Loan Broker Training Program can usually be completed in 10 - 20 hours the first time through. The ICS Commercial Loan Sales Training Program is required for all new Commercial Loan Officers with less than 5 closed commercial real estate loans.





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