Invest in High-Yielding Real Estate Secured Assets

Our Investments

As a Commercial Mortgage Lending Company, ICS provides long-term conforming loans and short-term bridge financing for properties that just miss bank-grade financing, or transactions that need fast execution not available through conventional and institutional channels. ICS originates short-term, high-yielding real estate secured loans, including multifamily, office, retail, and industrial properties. Interest rates range from 7% to 12% depending upon loan size, asset type, and other income property factors.

Debt & Equity Investing

Investors have the opportunity to participate in both debt and equity investments. Debt yields range from 7% to 12%, while equity participation can yield returns in excess of 30% upon asset disposition/refinance.

We've Created a Funnel of Continuous Opportunity

ICS receives more than 100 commercial and investment property loan requests monthly. Conventional loans that meet bank, agency, and other institutional grade financing requirements are sold and/or brokered to primary and secondary market lenders. Short-term bridge loans are funded and serviced internally at ICS. 


For every loan, a Single Funding Entity (SFE) is created, usually an LLC, including 1 or more non-managing investment members. The SFE funds the subject property refinance, purchase, or construction loan, earning 7% to 15% for the life of the loan, ranging from 12 to 36-months. Investment members receive monthly interest returns as mortgage payments are collected from the borrower/sponsor.

How it Works

Once approved as an ICS Accredited Investor, you'll have the opportunity to invest in debt and equity investments as loans are originated at ICS. The minimum investment is $100k, with no maximum. When a loan is originated, you receive a Funding Package, including property summary, yield, and terms. Investors have 3-business days to evaluate and decide to participate in a real estate secured investment, as we aim to fund our short-term bridge loans within 14 - 30 days from the loan application date.

Safe & Secure

ICS does not collect any funds from our Accredited Investment Members directly. All funds are deposited by investors directly to the SFE (Single Funding Entity) account funding the loan transaction. Investors receive an LLC operating agreement, outlining the terms and conditions of the investment. Once funds have been deposited by the investor to the SFE, they are locked until the loan is repaid in full, or returned within 10-business days in the event the loan transaction does not fund.